tahr As a bowhunter, having hunted on six continents, some of my experiences were as unique as the species of game that I had hunted. My few near-death experiences were traumatic to say the least, though sometimes mixed up with whimsical blunders that even a seasoned bowhunter occasionally experiences, but seldom admits to. Some of my most memorable bow-hunts were determined, not only by the species of game that was hunted, but the remote part of the planet where they were found and the indigenous people that accompanied me on my adventure.

To select a few superlatives which I recall; brings to mind the challenge of stalking the Himalayan tahr in the treacherous Southern Alps on the South Island of New Zealand, or the aggressive banteng bulls indigenous to Asia, but legal to hunt only on the Coberg Peninsula in Northern Australia. Then of course, there’s the rusa deer found on the flood plains of dangerous and inhospitable, Papua, New Guinea, or the African oryx or gemsbok, found mainly in the scorching Kalahari Desert of Namibia, where hunting with the San Bushmen can be a mind-altering experience. Each and every trip leaves an indelible mark in the mind of the adventure seeker; I guess that’s why we enjoy hunting! It’s really an excuse for going to a place that’s either too hot or too cold to be comfortable, too high or too wet to feel secure, or too bloody dangerous to even go there; but wow; what a rush when you get there!

It all really boils down to each person seeking their own way of finding a passion in life that is really satisfying to that particular individual. If one is fortunate enough to find such a passion and pursue it with vigor for true gratification, then that person must consider him or herself truly fortunate. Unfortunately, different persons have different passions, if any at all. It is therefore unwise to criticize another’s choice of sport or recreational pastime, reminding one of the trait phrase; “Different strokes for different folks”.

I have truly found what I enjoy most in my life, and that is travel; seeing far reaching parts of this wonderful planet, meeting other individuals who differ in language, religion, culture, political beliefs and other characteristics, and generally affording me an opportunity to better understand my fellow man. That is the reason I had chosen at an early age, three professions allowing me to pursue my passion: an entertainer, outdoor writer and public speaker. I have no regrets for my choices and offer no apologies for taking the path that I have chosen.