bob“Mr. BOB MARKWORTH, the best Ghostwriter that I could ever ask for!” A quote from Las Vegas author, Linda Kristy, after the new release of her top-selling book, (DECEPTION, I Married A Con Man)

The exceptional ability of Bob Markworth, after in-depth interviews with a client, to actually get into their head and emotionally adopt their own psyche, is uncanny! I believe that this quality of emotional comprehension places this writer in a class of his own, far above the stereotype ghostwriter.

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                        DECEPTION – I Married A Con Man

This is the true story of a twice, widowed woman who found, and then lost, her PRINCE CHARMING, her true love, and then fell into the clutches of a deceptive CON MAN whose clever façade masked the monster within.

Discover how this talented, successful woman survived the pain and loneliness caused by emotional abuse and the financial ruin inflicted upon her by a “master of deception.”

Learn how she turned her life around after experiencing, for seven years, a “Baptism Of Fire” that served as a catalyst to pave the way for a better life and a gratification beyond compare.  Her belief in God and her staunch devotion to Jesus Christ, and above all, her faith in the power of prayer, would deliver her from the depth of despair and grant her a second chance to fulfill her destiny.