Please send us your story, or an outline about one of your recent or past bowhunting experiences, along with a few supporting photos – If your story is selected, we will run your article in our Hunt Of The Month section, you will then become eligible to move into the quarterly finals, each quarter there will be 4-quarterly final winners that will move on to the Best Hunt Yearly Finals where they will be one of 16-bow-hunters eligible to win one of these great bow-hunter prizes for the three best stories of 2017.

  • 1st Prize – A new compound bow, your choice of bow weight and draw length

  • 2nd Prize - One dozen carbon arrows, plus six broad-heads

  • 3rd Prize - Backpack or camo jacket

Winners will be announced on December 15 th of each year.


Include a self addressed stamped envelope with your submission to ensure return of your photos. Be sure to establish “When, Where and How” with your entrée.

Your article may be judged for its uniqueness, informative content, humor, difficulty factor, high-tension drama, life-threatening experience, team effort or other over the top occurrence. We realize not everyone has the time, or ability to write a great ‘blurb” about your great hunting story, if you need a little help, you can go to, keyword search, ghost writer.