Keynote Speaker

keynoteBob’s diverse background and extensive experience as a world traveler, has served him well, allowing him to become a popular keynote speaker. His versatility in subject matter, range from archery related subjects, namely bowhunting and bowfishing, to game conservation and game management around the world, including anti-poaching procedures.

His inspiring motivational seminars are a popular request on the corporate and senior circuits, and his fascinating story-telling and ability to capture his audiences with a little international humor and a few remarkable bow shooting feats on stage, manage to guarantee a successful and entertaining forty to sixty minute program.

Having a rounded repertoire of subject matter and multi-lingual abilities, allows Bob to communicate with multinational audiences around the world and to tailor his speeches to their liking and needs. As an entertainer for over sixty years, Bob feels that any speech should not only be informative, but entertaining to the audience, thereby emphasizing the intended point of the seminar or speech.

During my acceptance speech when receiving my California Hall Of Fame Award, I took the opportunity to elaborate on the importance of perpetuating these state and national Hall Of Fame Awards and other personal achievement awards for services rendered in the field of Archery.

It is vitally important to offer incentive to up and coming archery enthusiasts, especially the young school-age students who have recently adopted the sport or are contemplating doing so. They should be motivated to continue on with their newly acquired interest, establishing a passion for a sport that not only enhances their physical capabilities, but strengthens their concentrative powers and trains the mind to formulate disciplinary tactics to increase their ability and marksmanship.

This you will find, benefits the character of the young student and does a lot to substitute the possible desire to veer off course and seek an alternative fascination with drug related experimentation. I touch upon this in a subtle but obvious way when addressing the students during my seminars and school assembly appearances.

Bob is a highly entertaining Keynote Speaker, not just on archery topics, but a great raconteur of his wide range of travels, hunting, and show business adventures around the world as well as a Seniors motivational speaker.

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